Christmas lights are our favorite part of the holiday season. They add such a whimsical and magical feeling to the world that it feels like a waste when we have to put them into storage for the rest of the year. Well, this doesn’t have to be the case! Here are four creative uses for your Christmas lights this summer.

Illuminate the Entryway

Lighting up the entryway is a great way to draw attention to your entrance and make it seem more inviting. When it’s dark out, the colorful and warm lights will be all the more welcoming, as they’ll form a small oasis of illumination in the night. This is the perfect way to welcome your guests, especially if the more practical front door lights are harsh and clinical.

Create a Light-Filled Ceiling

It’s best to create an overhead arrangement outside with white Christmas lights. You can string them up across the backyard and create your own personal starry sky. Accomplish this by stringing up two or more clotheslines between trees. Then, drape your Christmas lights in rows. If you don’t want the lights to look so uniform and neat, and you instead want something closely resembling the stars, try draping the Christmas lights perpendicular to each other. You’ll just need to hang up at least four clotheslines.

Decorate the Trees

There’s nothing wrong with turning to the classics! Decorate the trees around your home with Christmas lights, whether they’re pines or not. This will give them a bit of color and spectacle. If you do choose to use your evergreens, though, you can create a nice Christmas-in-July feeling. If you need help tackling some of the big trees or prefer not to do the setup yourself, give an exterior Christmas lighting company like Magical Holiday Designs a call. We’re happy to come and help you out.

Make an Art Installation

If you’re feeling inspired, the last creative use for your Christmas lights this summer is arranging your lights to form images or text. You’ve likely seen many people write their initials or names into bushes using lights, but you can do much more with some creativity and ingenuity. Outline a piece of furniture or a planter or create silhouettes of yourself and your family in the window.