Whenever the Christmas season comes around, you typically see two camps of people: those with multi-colored lights and those with single-color lights. Both of them bring about holiday cheer in their own ways, but if you’re having trouble choosing between single colors versus multi-color holiday lights, let’s compare what both types of lights can bring to the table to improve your holiday season.

Single-Color Lights

White single-color lights provide a traditional and uniform appearance. They’re a classic that brings a soothing and warm glow to your home. While considered “white,” these lights actually have a golden tint to them that brings out that warmth and creates a welcoming atmosphere in the evenings. Furthermore, with the use of LED white lights, your home will remain energy-efficient without compromising aesthetics. You’ll save money and energy without any sacrifice. The uniformity of the lights allows them to compliment and define any home or design thanks to their neutral color.

Multi-Color Lights

Multi-color lights are perfect for people who desire colors and variations. Multi-color lights are more of a spectacle in comparison to white lights which define your home. Those who favor multi-colored lights often do so because they feel less clinical or bland. The key to effective multi-color lights, however, is finding balance. Too few lights and the colors will look too sparse and mismatched, while too many become crowded and obscure the design of your lights.


When choosing between single color versus multi-color holiday lights, it’s important to make a clear choice between one or the other. Trying to mix single-color and multi-color lights together often looks mismatched and awkward. Consistency in your lights will ensure your home has a cohesive look. Otherwise, the focus will become scattered, and you’ll fail to capture the atmosphere either type of light can create on its own.

If you’re struggling with choosing the right lights for your home within the California area, then contact us today for holiday decorating services in Orange County. We’d be happy to work with you and explore what would best suit your home so you can enjoy your holiday season without the added stress.