Interior Decorating Services

Transform your Interior into a vibrant Magical Holiday experience to be remembered.

Halloween Interior

Halloween is a unique holiday because we have the opportunity to dress up and show our true personalities through decorations and costumes. Once the spooky season arrives, you’ll find Halloween decorations in most restaurants, hotels, and theme parks. Additionally, because we’re near Hollywood, we also support several TV and movie sets with their decorations for up-and-coming horror movies and TV series. In other words, all décor needs are in our wheelhouse—but what about your commercial building or application? We know you don’t have endless amounts of time to create a spooky environment—that’s where our Halloween interior decorating services come in. 

Our Designs Are Customizable 

As one of the leading interior Halloween decorating companies, we’ve decorated various luxurious homes and buildings in Southern California. Each of those projects had a large variety of spookiness including terrifying Halloween decorations and kid-friendly decorations. In other words, our Halloween interior decorating services are flexible. Our goal is to create a Halloween experience unlike any other with our decorating skills. We’ll incorporate lights, animatronics, props, smoke machines, and more to create a unique set and experience. 

Who We Work With 

Our experienced decoration installers are dedicated to serving our clients beyond installation. We’re proud to take care of everything for you from setting up the props and animatronics to maintenance to tear down. When you hire us for Halloween interior decorating services, your home will be transformed to your desired level of spooky. If you run into any issues with your lights, we have technicians who are ready to come on site within 24 hours of your request and repair the lights. We’re proud to say we take our services one step further than many other companies and remove the decorations for you.  


Our team has been serving the counties in Southern California since 1993, so you can imagine the number of clients we’ve worked with. If you have any questions or would like a free design consultation, contact us today!