The holiday season is one of festivity and cheer, so why is decorating oftentimes such a stressful endeavor? There are four common holiday light mistakes to avoid during the process. These common mistakes either make your life more difficult or rob your design of flourish and festivity.

Lacking Colors

Pure white strands of Christmas lights might look nice and clean when used sparingly or in smaller areas, but for a large-scale project, they can be overwhelmingly bland. While these white lines still have their place, for certain, the various colors of traditional Christmas lights are a necessity when decorating the exterior of a home and the surrounding property. It will draw more attention to your home and create the warm, jovial atmosphere expected of the Christmas season – in contrast, white lights appear clinical and off-putting.

Buying Cheap

Another common holiday lighting mistake to avoid is buying cheap strands of lights. These aren’t a great investment in the long run and may end up costing you more as they will often need to be replaced frequently. Higher quality lights may be a bit pricier, but they’ll last you for a much longer period of time and be prone to fewer defects. Cheap lights will also reflect their lower quality. Once you’ve strung them up and turned them on, you’ll notice that they look as cheap as they cost – compromising the appearance of your decorations and wasting your efforts.

Winging It

Many people assume that decorating can just be done on the fly. How hard can it be? Just throw up your decorations and call it a day. Unfortunately, without pre-planning, you may find yourself coming up short on supplies – resulting in mismatching or uneven decorations, where one side of your property is a glowing wonderland and the other a barren wasteland. If you are having a tough time coming up with a design for your decorations, you can call upon outdoor Christmas lighting services to lend you their expertise.

Neglecting Precautions

Larger-scale projects can be dangerous if you don’t take the right precautions. Nothing ruins the holiday mood like a Christmas-day trip to the emergency room. Avoid this by investing in professional decoration services that have the necessary equipment and training.